This is Global Release Countdown of Ni No Kuni CrossWorld.

Join Poll a Popular Server to play. here the link if you want to know what server is crowded one or not.

NA poll list:

SEA/Asia poll list :

EU poll list :

SA poll list :

If you guys Curious where server should i play. the one popular might be in the best of the poll in these link.
but if you follow your star sign its ok too. for me i will choose the one many people play since its MMO. it will affect our gameplay if we choose deserted server.

Directed and produced by [Level-5], and featuring animation from [Studio Ghibli] and music by composer [Joe Hisaishi],
a talented team unites to create the newest installment in the [Ni no Kuni] game series,
『Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds』, the world inside your heart!

Join My Discord if you want to play this game together.

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