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Madtale Idle RPG Game
Once upon a time a dear little girl called Little Red Riding Hood fell into an enchanted forest that was about to be polluted.
One day a magic book said to her, “Go, my dear, save the forest and save the world.”
They set out immediately into the dark forest, and into the fractured fairy tale world.
They traveled through multiple time and spaces, and encountered characters in different stories.
They met with an arrogant princess who loves apples, a crazy prince who loves horses only, a gossip mediator of forest, and tons of treasures… And now this “lucky” Little Red Riding Hood is you!
Adventure is always dangerous. When “pollution” comes, you need to stick to your heart, collect and form your own adventurers’ team, and enjoy strategic turn-based battles in the world of fairy tale picture books!
Adventurer, when whole world is in danger, please listen to your heart, explore deeper into the dangerous dark forest and seek the treasures!

You will experience:
⭕Stunning Visual Feast
Unique fairy tale picture book illustration style. You will step into this wonderful world, do whatever you want, such as: make friends with fairy tale characters, become a hero to save the world, learn magic from grandma’s magic book, explore lost treasures.
⭕ Build Charming&Dangerous Fairytale Team
Collect and cultivate your exclusive fairy tale characters. You will meet reconstructed classic fairy tale characters in game, experience the characters’ tortuous stories, and feel their joys and sorrows!
⭕️ Immersive Exploration Experience
Vast world for MMO-like exploration. Let’s step into this legendary unknown area where treasures and crisis coexist.
⭕️Free Your Hands
Earn rewards and gears effortlessly. You can play anytime you want, AFK, and upgrade everyday when you wake up!
⭕️Roguelike Surprise Adventure
Experience the fun of roguelike random adventure where you never know whether a reward or a challenges awaits. Wanna go for a random game?
⭕️Thousands Of Strategies
5 unique classes, 6 kinds of camps. Control, crit, bloodsucking, counter attack, recovery, as long as you dare to imagine, there is nothing impossible. Every adventure is unique.

Size: 751MB
Language: English


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